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Follicular Unit Extractions

Dr. Edmond Griffin talks about Follicular Unit Extraction.

How to Disguise Thinning Hair: A Demonstration

Dr. Curtis demonstrates the use of a topically-applied colored fiber for covering redness and visible scalp from thinning hair.

How to Apply Topical Hair Loss Treatment:

Dr. Curtis demonstrates the proper application of custom formulated prescription topical hair loss medications available at The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Restoration Surgery

Dr. Curtis answers some frequently asked questions about hair restoration surgery regarding necessary preparation, recovery time, and results.

How Female Pattern & Male Pattern Hair Loss Differ

Dr. Curtis discusses how female pattern and male pattern hair loss differ in terms of presentation, causes, and treatments options.

Dermatologist Recommended Hair Care Practices & Tips

Dr. Curtis discusses how common hair care practices can affect hair, hair breakage, and hair loss and tips on keeping hair healthy.

Are Women Good Candidates for Hair Transplant Surgery?

Dr. Curtis discusses women as good candidates for hair transplant surgery.