The Griffin Center Now Offers Scalp Micro-Pigmentation!

Scalp-Micro-PigmentationThe contrast between dark-colored hair and a light-colored scalp can make even mild hair thinning look much more noticeable, so many patients choose to adopt various forms of camouflage in an effort to decrease that visibility and hide the obvious. One of the most effective of these camouflage methods is scalp micro-pigmentation, or SMP, a specialized technique similar to tattooing that replicates the look of real, shaven hair on the scalp using tiny dots of pigment. At The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research, our Certified Micro-Pigmentation Specialist can assist our hair restoration patients in a variety of different ways:

  • Scalp Micro-Pigmentation makes the scalp appear darker and less visible between existing hairs, creating the appearance of denser coverage.
  • Scalp Micro-Pigmentation mimics the appearance of dense coverage and a fully developed hair line in patients with a closely shaved scalp.
  • Scalp Micro-Pigmentation helps to better conceal the faint scars from follicular unit grafting (FUG) or follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplantation procedures.
  • Scalp Micro-Pigmentation can improve the appearance of patients who are suffering from traction alopecia and other forms of scarring hair loss.

The micro-pigmentation procedure is generally administered over the course of two to four sessions, spaced ten to fourteen days apart. Results typically last for three to five years before additional minor touch-ups may be needed. Scalp micro-pigmentation looks very natural and serves as an excellent complement to hair transplantation or any non-surgical hair restoration treatment.

If you are interested in scalp micro-pigmentation at The Griffin Center, please schedule an appointment for a comprehensive consultation our Certified Micro-Pigmentation Specialist and we can explain more about this exciting new camouflage technique.