Patient Testimonials—About Hair Restoration

As in any enterprise, the best recommendation comes not from manufactured advertising, but from satisfied clients. Here you will see some testimonials from some of the many patients whose self-esteem, self-image, and sense of well-being were enhanced by the hair replacement treatments that they received at The Griffin Center.

“Dr. Griffin specializes in several areas, but he is best known for his ability to treat patients with hair loss. I have been seeing him for nearly 3 years and have seen tremendous results. He is extremely professional and is willing to actually take the time to listen to you during all doctor appointments.”
Sincerely, KM

1st Patient
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2nd Patient
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4th Patient
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First Patient (Male)

Q: Did you have any apprehension before the procedure?

A: Oh, sure I did. I thought I was going to be spending a lot of money and I wanted to make sure that what I was getting was going to be a good value for my dollar. I didn’t know if the procedure was going to work or not. I had seen a number of photos that The Griffin Center provided, and it looked like it was a good technique or good method to handle my hair loss; and I just didn’t know if it was gonna actually come through for me.

Q: Would you change or do anything different?

A: No, I don’t think so. I would do it again in a minute, and I would recommend it to anybody simply because I had a very good result from my transplant procedure.

Q: What would you say was your comfort level during the procedure?

A: Oh, very comfortable. That was very easy. I felt no pain. It was an enjoyable process. I guess as enjoyable as a process can be. No discomfort whatsoever. Everything was done professionally and I was in constant communication with the staff, and they were constantly checking up on me to make sure I was okay. It went very well.

Q: How did you feel the day after surgery?

A: I was expecting to be a little more uncomfortable than I was. I had a little bit of discomfort, mostly with, I think, the fact that I was medicated the day before, sedated the day before. But, other than that kind of groggy hangover drug effect there, that’s about it. No real pain in either the donor site or the transplant site.

Q: Can you describe if and how your expectations were met?

A: I was hoping for a very good experience, very good transplant procedure in the sense that I was gonna look like I did maybe ten years ago. And at four months, I came in for my follow-up. I was extremely concerned. I thought that I looked like I had lost more hair than I had had transplanted. I was concerned and expressed it to Dr. Griffin, and they tried to ease my discomfort and let me know that I was just beginning to have growth at the transplants, and I was still concerned – didn’t know if I had made the right choice. But at about six to eight months, I began to see a very noticeable difference, and then when a number of colleagues made comments about “Did I cut my hair differently?” or “Something took” or “There was something different about you,” I kind of felt like there was a pretty high level of success. I am extremely pleased. My wife is probably the biggest critic of my life, and one of the things that she noticed is that I do not obsess about it as much as I did prior to having the transplant procedure, and so that certainly has created some peace at home and I guess a side benefit to the procedure.

Q: How did you find the after-care and the other information? Was that helpful or accurate?

A: It was helpful, and it was accurate in the sense that I was never told that I would have a head full of hair in four months, that it would take anywhere from eight months to a year to see the benefits of the transplant. I was just concerned, being that I looked at myself in the mirror every morning. That was, I guess, the concerning thing, to stand there and shave every day and to see your hairline and you just paid to have that hairline enhanced. You want to feel like you are getting some benefits. I did, I did see those benefits, and I was never told that, you know, in that four-month window that there was some concern. But I am extremely pleased, would do it again if I felt the need to have it done and recommend it also.

Q: What would you share with others that were considering the procedure? What do you think might help those that are nervous or fearful about surgery?

A: I would share that the staff here at The Griffin Center is very professional. I feel like in my case, they were very straightforward. They gave me the information and allowed me to make the decision on how much of the procedure I wanted done and then the timetable on which I wanted to have that procedure done, so I feel like if you’re looking for a place that’s highly professional, you have that here at The Griffin Center. The people treat you very well. I had a very high level of comfort throughout the whole procedure. My follow-up was even done personally by Dr. Griffin the day after the surgery, which happened to be January 1 st, a holiday for everybody, and yet, he was personally in here doing the follow-up on me. I think that they really care about their patients and there was evidence throughout the process from beginning to end that that’s true.

Second Patient (Male)

Q: Describe your comfort level during the procedure.

A: The procedure: I would say that I was sorta joking around with the staff, listening to music and I had no pain.

Q: How did you feel the day after surgery?

A: Well, I’ve had four procedures, so the first time was actually at another practice and, well, there were some complications. Actually, I’ve noticed over the years that the post-operative day has been much improved. The last time there were no bandages. There was no recovery period. I came in for the shampoo the next day and I didn’t really even know the procedure had gotten done.

Q: How would you describe your overall experience as compared to the other surgeries?

A: You know, I went to one of those infomercial places, and that was my only regret. I would have spent less money and one less procedure if I had just started out here. The overall experience was that really even people that I work with didn’t seem to recognize that I had had anything done. So it was sort of seamless and invisible except for myself and my wife. Well, until today.

Q: When were you comfortable enough to go out in public or return to work?

A: I think I had the procedure done on a Wednesday, and I went back to work on Monday.

Q: What would you change or do differently about your experience?

A: Well, first and foremost, I wouldn’t go to an infomercial office. I don’t think I would do anything differently other than maybe not wait so long to start.

Q: What would you say to someone who was nervous or fearful of this procedure?

A: I’d probably ask them if they were nervous or fearful of losing all their hair or just you know, maybe a little discomfort and a couple of days out of work.

Q: Can you describe how the results of this procedure have affected you or your family, if at all?

A: Well certainly there have been no negative effects on my family as far as how it’s affected me. I just look at guys that run around that don’t have hair or that have had procedures that are very noticeable or use toupees. I just live my life in a normal fashion and feel younger and feel more able to do anything that I want.

Q: What information about your experience would you share with others considering this procedure?

A: Oh, I’d say get it done whether you’re a man or woman or if you don’t like the fact that your hair is thinning and you don’t want it to be obvious that you had had something done. Then, you know, jump in.

Q: What were your apprehensions about the service before the procedure?

A: Honestly, the thing I was most worried about was that when the graft went in that it wouldn’t stay in or fall out or that it wouldn’t grow back or that it would be like Rogaine® where you get it done and if you stop doing something, it falls back out. But, you know, once that graft goes in, it stays in and grows out. I’m sort of waiting for it to grow back out after the procedure.

Q: How helpful and accurate were the after-care instructions?

A: I think it was very simple to follow. Just remember to keep a cup in the shower to pour over your head rather than sticking it directly in the shower. And other than that, I think you have to elevate your head for a day or two. You know, just throw an extra pillow on the bed.

Third Patient (Female)

Q: Did you have any apprehensions or concerns about the surgery?

A: I was worried that, after the surgery, you could be able to tell I had surgery. I was a little worried about swelling. I was worried about how it would look afterwards.

Q: Can you describe your comfort level during the procedure?

A: I was very comfortable. I was awake at the end of the procedure. Of course, my scalp was numb, and then I talked a little bit to the doctors and attendees. Everything was good.

Q: And how did you feel the day after surgery?

A: I felt good the day after surgery. I was a little swollen the day after that.

Q: Can you describe the experience overall, as compared to your concerns or apprehensions or expectations?

A: It was better than I had hoped for. I would say I was in the house for about five or six days. After that, I felt comfortable going out. I went back to work after two weeks.

Q: And what would you change or do differently about the experience?

A: I think I would take it easy at home. That first couple of days, I think I overdid it a little bit–moving around, walking around. I had more swelling than I should have had because of that.

Q: And what would you say to someone nervous or fearful planning on doing the surgery?

A: I would definitely say it was worth it, and it came out better than I expected as far as, you know, being comfortable and being happy with the way my hair looks.

Q: And can you describe the way the results of the procedure affected you or your family?

A: My family is always telling me how much better I look.

Q: How helpful or accurate was the information that we gave you before surgery?

A: Very helpful, very accurate. They covered all the bases. Pain medication, sleep aid, advice–it was all very helpful.

Q: And what would you say your best or your worst experience was after the surgery, if there is a worst?

A: I think the most difficult parts were the swelling, facial swelling, and coming back for staple removal, but that was still minor.

Fourth Patient (Male)

Q: What were your apprehensions or concerns about the procedure?

A: Getting excellent results. I had done a lot of shopping to make sure that I got who I thought would give me a superlative look.

Q: What would you say you were expecting to accomplish with the procedure, beyond more hair?

A: Well, I wanted to bring down my widow’s peak and just look a little more youthful. I mean, I wanted to look good for my age; I didn’t expect to become another person– you can be bald when you’re old, or you can have nice hair.

Q: Can you describe your comfort level during the procedure?

A: The whole experience was flawless. Good results. It was comfortable. Everything went as predicted and, really, it was largely painless.

Q: When would you say you were comfortable enough with your appearance to go out and return to work?

A: Well, I had the procedure on a Thursday, and I had a little bit of a scabbing I was told about, but it was minor. I went to work the following Monday, and as far as I can tell – I work in an office – and as far as I can tell, nobody paid any attention.

Q: What would you say to someone who was nervous or was fearful of the surgery?

A: Well, with Dr. Griffin, I would say, “Have at it!” because there is absolutely no reason to delay or be afraid. There are a lot of competitors out there, and if you go with Dr. Griffin, you really get a great result. Because I feel I did.