Hair Transplant Revision

Performed at The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research in Atlanta, Georgia.

Not all hair transplantation procedures are equal. Sometimes a patient may come to The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research in Atlanta, GA after having undergone hair restoration surgery with another doctor who has left them with unsatisfactory or unnatural-looking results. Poor graft preparation can result in insufficient coverage, improper angling of the grafts can leave them looking obviously artificial, and unsightly scars can be left behind when donor site closure is poorly handled. Hair loss is a progressive condition, and even a patient who is happy with their hair transplantation may find themselves needing additional treatment years later.

Dr. Edmond Griffin, Dr. Ashley Curtis, and the surgical team at The Griffin Center have been performing hair restoration surgery since 1976, and have been there to assist patients years and even decades after their initial procedure. That level of experience gives us a perspective that few other practices can match and allows us to achieve seamlessly natural-looking results.

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"Dr. Griffin specializes in several areas, but he is best known for his ability to treat patients with hair loss. I have been seeing him for nearly 3 years and have seen tremendous results…" Read More