The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research in Atlanta, GA provides answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about hair restoration  candidates below.  Contact us today for more information.

  • The majority of men with male pattern baldness and women suffering the onset of androgenic hair loss are considered suitable candidates for hair restoration surgery. Other potential candidates are people who have experienced hair loss from scars caused by accidents or cosmetic procedures. Of course, only after determining the cause of hair loss can surgery be considered an option. The surgical candidate also must have an adequatedonor region for harvesting grafts for the balding areas.

  • Anyone who has experienced hair loss and has adequate donor hair to be transplanted is a candidate for this safe office procedure. Both men and women who have genetic hair loss are by far the most frequent patients who seek hair transplantation. An increasing number of patients who have loss from other causes (scars from traumatic injuries, accidents, burns, or cosmetic procedures, especially facelifts) are requesting hair transplantation as a solution to their problem. More and more patients with scalp disorders can pursue transplantation once a biopsy has proven that the original inflammatory process is no longer active and has been resolved for a reasonable period of time. If multiple medications are being taken for specific medical conditions, these medications must be examined to see if they may be causing or aggravating any hair loss as well.

  • Because there is no “one-size-fits-all” technique for every patient, Dr. Griffin recommends a complimentary consultation so you can be educated as to the options available to you. Dr. Griffin will spend the time with you discussing preventative medications as well as the best possible surgical approach to achieve your goals. He evaluates each patient as an individual, and formulates a medical/surgical plan designed specifically for you.


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