Advanced Hair Loss Treatment: Platelet Rich Plasma

One of the most fascinating things about studying hair loss and hair restoration is that new discoveries are being made almost every day.  From new surgical techniques and equipment to improve hair transplantation results to advanced non-surgical hair maintenance treatments that can help prevent patients from losing hair in the first place, Dr. Edmond Griffin and Dr. Ashley Curtis at The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research have been at the forefront of hair restoration research for more than forty years.  In that time, we have had an opportunity to experiment with many different treatment methods, but one of the most exciting and versatile that we have found is the use of platelet rich plasma, or PRP, which relies on the natural healing properties of a patient’s own blood to significantly improve both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration results.

Advanced Hair Loss Treatment: Platelet Rich Plasma

How Does Platelet Rich Plasma Work?

The blood in your body is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, which are small, disk-shaped cell fragments that facilitate clotting, promote tissue regeneration, and secrete growth factors that initiate cell regrowth.  Platelet rich plasma is created by spinning a sample of the patient’s own blood in a centrifuge to separate out a concentrated solution of platelets and plasma components.  Platelet rich plasma contains approximately five to seven times the number of platelets found in normal circulating blood along with bioactive proteins that aid in wound healing, and is frequently used to help speed the recovery of patients who have suffered from sports injuries and other forms of trauma.

What Can Platelet Rich Plasma Do?

At The Griffin Center, we use platelet rich plasma in one of two ways.  First, platelet rich plasma serves as an excellent, nutrient rich transport material for donor follicles that are harvested during follicular unit grafting (FUG) or follicular unit extraction (FUE) surgical hair transplantation procedures.  By keeping these follicles in a healthy state we can significantly improve their survival rate and overall hair transplant results.  Moreover, our research has found that injecting concentrated PRP directly into the patient’s scalp can increase both the size and healthiness of hair follicles that have begun to shrink as a result of androgenetic alopecia, or common genetic pattern baldness.  This means that injections of platelet rich plasma performed by our specialized technicians can create thicker looking hair by promoting growth if the dormant follicles, slow the progression of some forms of hair loss, and help maintain hair transplantation results.

Every patient and every case of hair loss is unique, so platelet rich plasma is not necessarily the right treatment for everyone.  However, at The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research, we will carefully diagnose your hair loss so that we can create a customized treatment plan that is right for you.  If you are interested in learning more about your hair restoration options follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to get the latest news or contact The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration so that we can schedule an appointment for a full consultation.