LaserCap™ for Hair Loss

At the Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research many patients just starting to notice hair thinning first seek non-surgical hair loss treatment methods before considering hair transplants. Treating hair loss at the first sign of thinning is helpful in helping to maximize the amount of donor hair available at the time of hair transplant.  Non-surgical treatment options proven effective for thinning hair include oral Propecia® (finasteride), topical Rogaine®(minoxidil), compound prescriptions, and red light therapies.

With over 30 years experience in hair restoration, Dr. Edmond Griffin stays as the forefront of available hair loss technology. For instance, Dr. Griffin now uses NeoGraft, an automated technology, to assist the surgeon in the follicular unit extracting technique for hair transplantation.  Staying abreast of hair loss advancements, the Griffin Center is now offering patients LaserCap™, the newest laser hair treatment product.

The LaserCap™ provides full scalp treatment by using over 224 lasers, emitting low level laser light to cover the entire affected scalp. This technology is different than previous laser comb devices (9 lasers) and in-office red light laser devices (160) as it’s more discreet and convenient for the patient while providing a high level of energy which produces results.  The LaserCap™ can be worn under a baseball cap or any other hat and uses a rechargeable battery pack so the patient is free to continue their daily activities. Many patients may opt for the inpatient treatment using the red light technology of the 160 lasers for 20 minutes which is inexpensive ($25/treatment). Once you see how effective the red lights are for hair loss you could take the LaserCap leap ($3000) for the unit. In the long run it will save money and time and those who have used it love it. It does fit the niche for those need treatment, don’t have the time for office visits, and who are apprehension about oral medications and want to supplement the topical ones.

After evaluating and determining the cause of your hair loss, Dr. Griffin can provide you with a tailored treatment plan. If you are interested in finding out your hair loss treatment options, please call our office to set up a consultation.  Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google + for the latest hair restoration news and information.