Keeping Your Hair Healthy

As board certified dermatologists at The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration and Research, Dr. Edmond Griffin and I enjoy getting an opportunity to educate patients about hair loss prevention and hair restoration treatments.  To provide an added resource for those interested in learning more about hair loss, we regularly discuss various hair loss topics on our YouTube channel.  Recently, I shared my thoughts on how various hair care practices can affect hair and hair loss.

In this video, I recommend the use of loose, natural hair styles to prevent traction alopecia, a condition that arises when constant tension is placed on the hair follicles by tight hairstyles like cornrows or tight braids and pony tails, or sew-in hairpieces.  This constant tension can cause damage to the scalp, resulting in an overall thinning of the hair.  I further discuss specific products and techniques that you should use, and avoid, in order to control hair dryness and breakage so that your hair can remain thick and healthy looking.

Take a look at my video below to learn more about how you can care for your hair.

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