New Research Suggests Glaucoma Drug May Be Effective In Treating Male Hair Loss

As a leader in hair restoration, Dr. Edmond Griffin and his hair transplant team are committed to educating patients and others about the most advanced hair restoration techniques and treatment options. As a contributor to the advancement of hair restoration, Dr. Griffin is highly interested in hair loss research to provide his patients with the most knowledgeable advice available.  hair loss atlanta ga

The scientific journal, FASEB reported this fall that the FDA- approved glaucoma drug, bimatoprost, can cause hair to re-grow. Bimatoprost, also known as Latisse®, is already FDA-approved to enhance eyelashes and has shown great results for individuals with inadequate or short lashes. Now the data in the FASEB Journal article shows that this medication may be able to grow hair from the scalp as well. One of the researchers from the University of Bradford, U.K. acknowledges that further research is necessary to determine new therapeutic approaches for treating hair loss.

The researchers conducted three sets of experiments, two involving human cells and the other with mice. The human cell tests reviewed hair follicles growing in organ cultures as well as follicles taken from the scalp. The researchers found that bimatoprost led to hair growth on human organ cultures. During the mice experiment, bimatoprost was directly applied to a bald spot on the mouse and results also showed hair re-growth.

It’s important to note that this was one study’s results and additional research will be necessary to determine the effectiveness of bimatoprost for hair loss on the scalp. Traditionally, bimatoprost treatment has been reserved for the eyelashes because of the need for continual, daily application and the expense of the current drug; however, the study’s scientists are optimistic about their findings and the implications for further drug development.

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